Caption Contest


Thanks to Lawrence Wood of Chicago, Illinois for submitting this winning caption.

A brief word on why I chose this caption as the winner:

For one thing, it’s concise and ‘score easy political points’ is a nice phrase. Wording is crucial in composing a caption. There’s something about language that the right choice of words and the right phrasing can make an idea that’s not funny at all, sound funny.

Not that this idea isn’t funny. To me, it implies a funny reason why the rock ’em sock ’em opponent’s head is raised in the air. Normally they stand toe to toe and score a point by hitting each other on the chin, at which point the opponent’s head pops up. But if they are standing 10 feet apart during a political debate, how does one score a point? The answer, according to Mr. Wood’s caption, is to take political cheap shots at one another. The thought of the two spending a 2 hour debate taking political cheap shots at one another in order to pop the opponent’s head up is funny to me, and the perfect analogy to a boxing match where they score points by hitting one another on the chin.

Well done Mr. Wood!